Initial Invitational Offering—Intentions and Desires


Dear Friends,

There is very little argument that we are living in a time of monumental change. In our lifetimes we are witnessing great breakthroughs is some arena’s– such as the inter-connective nature of the internet, the welling up of grassroots organizations committed to deep learning and societal transformation and a burgeoning heightened awareness of spiritual pursuits; while extremely difficult tragedies continue to occur within so many others–war, hunger, environmental degradation and the loss of topsoil, the devastating consequences of climate change, the breakdown of the world economy—and very sadly this listing could continue for quite awhile. How these changes are perceived by each of us can have radically different consequences, not only our species, but for the wellbeing of all other species also.

With this brief background—I am inviting you to join with me for a new adventure.

Some of those willing to participate in this undertaking are long-time friends of mine, while some I just met yesterday, some of you are in my immediate family, some are from extended family, and some are soul family, some of you I’ve met through online courses, some I have never met, some have witnessed me at my worst, some of you have been my greatest teachers, some have loved and supported me forever, some others have wondered what’s wrong with me, some have inspired me beyond belief, some have disliked me, and some of you I have truly not genuinely seen–my loss, and some of you, well–the world is so much better for you being in it. And all of us are blessed to be alive at this time on earth during these transformational moments!

I am inviting you friends to participate with me in my new blog experience occurring at,

We are alive at this moment when everything is up for grabs, every entitlement of ours can be questioned, every inequity can be rectified and the scope of what we as humans are truly capable of can truly be expanded. Becoming more aware of the magnitude of how much more conscious our culture can become provides great opportunity and learning. How we share this planet can be completely and irrevocably guided by a tremendous heart opening. How we then resonate and relate with everyone can shatter our previous sense of what normal is, as we truly become one world dissolving separation.

So much needs to be deliberated upon, dialogued about, and then acted on with great love and compassion. Our new world will not come about easily for everyone, but we all have our unique part to play in making this a reality.

Toward this end I’ll regularly post pieces relating to all of the above covering a wide range of perspectives, as well as pondering questions such as:

~~~What are humans for? Why are we here?

~~~What are the factors contributing to the momentous nature of these times?

~~~What will it take to outgrow our entitlements–many of the things that we take for granted– and create a more just, fair world?

~~~Why do white men, and indeed all men and women need to become alive within their hearts?

~~~How is the standard American dream and diet killing the planet?

~~~How can one persons evolution inspire and motivate others to take a leap into the unknown?

~~~What world changing ideas, projects and communities are new leaders creating?

~~~How can more of us tap into the truly transformative spiritual awakenings occurring all around us?

Will you join me for this blog experience of change by reading, commenting and sharing your hearts desires for creating a more loving planet with all of us? Combining one mans process and insightful questioning nature— together, with yours? Please do so! And if you are moved to, please share this new opportunity with your friends and loved ones! We all need each other!

May it be so and blessings galore.

***Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. Margaret Meade

***Be the change you wish to see in the world. Gandhi

***Our greatest fear is not that we are in inadequate, our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond belief. Marianne Williamson

***We cannot solve great problems with the same level of consciousness that created them. Some Wise Being, oh yeah—Einstein



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