Hello there & Welcome!



Getting to the heart of what these might be for each of us seems paramount.

Perhaps it has always been this way. I just can’t escape the feeling that spending time pondering these truths and then acting upon what they might be could prove to be fruitfully beneficial for our species and by extension…. to every other living being. How could it be otherwise?!

I will be sharing what I have found to be My Deeper Truths— as well as what breaks my heart, what fills me with utter delight, and what we might be able to imagine, as we create a completely new relationship to being alive and an integral part of this glorious planet of souls.

There will be new pages about innovative and thoroughly inspiring people and projects and paradigms. As well as challenges to our consensus reality entitlements for some of us. It is time to continue questioning every element of our existence, taking nothing for granted, and then acting upon, transforming and transcending old, no longer functional “ways that things have always been“. We are living in an unfathomably amazing and simultaneously disturbing time. Depending upon how we approach our inner lives and our global challenges has a great deal to do with what will be right in front of us. Will we have the personal tools and mindsets to navigate our changing climate, culture and communities?

I sincerely wish for you to join me in sharing how all of this feels in your life! Please comment often and share your unique wisdom and wondrous self with all of us!! 

And please be patient with me as I navigate this new territory of blogging technology. This should be great fun, yes indeed!


One Response to “Hello there & Welcome!”

  1. theheartspace Says:

    Matthew….thank you for a leap of self into the world of questioning why we are here, what unique offering each of us brings to the table and for simply sharing the beauty of you with all of us. If each of us did just that what a different world we would be living in. Thank you for including me.

    Maya Christobel, http://www.theheartspaceblog.com

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