One…..More…..Breath,……(part 2 follows)


What an amazing thing. For almost fifty years now I’ve been getting one….more….breath. And you have too. And they just keep coming and coming.

Though for almost 100% of this time, I, like most of us have taken this miraculous gift completely for granted. Not even for a second realizing that without this next breath, this body ceases to exist. And without it all that I love about life will no longer be part of my physical experience. Except for one physical calamity a couple of years ago I have not paid a darn bit of attention to any of this.

But yesterday, while sitting in meditation with my small group early in the morning, something profound transpired. Was it a moment of grace? I was sitting as I usually am following my breath and at times using a short mantra to guide me, all the while a dog barked and barked somewhere off in the early morning tranquility.

It was at this moment that I heard something inside me saying, “Matthew, you could keel over in any given moment”.

Isn’t this the absolute truth? A Deeper Truth. We don’t know when our moment to take our last breath will be. People are keeling over all the time. We’ve all heard the query, “If you knew you only had so much time left, how would you live it?” I’ve heard this zillions of times and never taken it to heart.

Yesterday morning was different—I heard my inner voice—and, immediately shifted. My posture in meditation became even sweeter, a smile came to my face that if I could’ve seen it, I imagine it would’ve been angelic. My entire being became even more vibrant, while also becoming even more still. The energy pulsing through me became more enlivening, while also becoming more contented. Essentially I experienced how much more life-force is available to me, and how much more peace. And how my “normal” way of being is but a pale shadow of what is truly possible in this body.

And the dogs barking ceased.

I took this awareness with me on the walk home, gazing with wonder at trees full of birds, who were deafeningly boisterous in their delight. And all throughout the day.

Oh to become more fully alive— from the simple recognition of the next breath’s gift— mmmm, sweetness.

(Part 2 added 31 March 11)

It’s been a week since my inner voice beckoned to me— “Matthew, you could keel over any moment.” That was it, nothing else was necessary. And the unheard of thing? I’ve actually remembered this calling and have continued to act with the utmost intention.

Wow, change does happen. So often before, if I’d heard these calls, I’d promptly forget. Moments of vast illumination that were relegated back to the unconscious. Well—not this time. Maybe this opening the heart business is actually happening.

I find myself during the day remembering this voice, and rehearing this call, this beckoning…..and lifting up out of my habitual ways of being, my complacency. Opening my mouth with those in my sphere, sharing deeper feelings, ideas, desires, visions. If I don’t know when the last breath will be exhaled, I’d better use ‘em for bringing more beauty, truth, love, and sweetness into my world.

This simple little sentence is transforming my life. Can it do the same for you? What would our world be like if more people felt the urgency in their lives—the gift, the blessing and the miracle of being alive, in this very moment? ………Now this is a question that I’d like to answer!


6 Responses to “One…..More…..Breath,……(part 2 follows)”

  1. I am crying with the joy of your vibrancy and the beauty that you reveal to all of us when we take that breath in with love and grace…truly grateful to be alive for one more second. How will I use that second? Service I believe.

    Maya Christobel

  2. Dear Matthew
    this poem which i wrote 3 months ago resonates which your blog here
    thank you for being alive now


    just want to rest
    into your breath

    breathing in
    breathing out

    nothing more to do
    rest forever
    in your

    let your arm
    hold me
    so my feet
    don’t have to walk

    living for you
    in your hands
    I feel the never ending touch
    of your heart

    take me
    to the heavens
    of no return

    I know I cannot
    disappoint you


  3. I am breath
    I am NOW
    I am God
    in every breath
    in every step
    in every laugh
    right NOW
    no wanting
    no searching
    no contradiction
    all co-existing
    don’t try to catch it
    just be it
    wait until you get moved
    wait until action is moving through your body
    that is intelligent action

  4. If one can be death in the next moment….so let us live NOW without secrets, without unfinished business, without resentments… be love now

  5. Matthew, I am holding my breath for part 2 of your writing here….hope to read more soon. Hugs, Maya

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