About Matthew


For my entire life thus far I have been—

—bringing order to the chaotic

—beautifying the mundane, and

—remodeling what is inefficient…….

all within the inner sacntum of our homes and psyches.

I am a true renaissance man, working ably as an artist within numerous and varied arenas. The same approaches and nuanced aesthetic sensibilities are applicable to any medium. Life as art, surely.

As a transformer, I am capable of exuding potent wellbeing and exuberance for living as we journey through the potentially turbulent waters of redefining our relationship to everything.

Now, as I’m about to enter a new decade, and beginning the second third of my life, (yes I’m being bold here with my desired life span, why not?!) I find myself able and willing to share more of my inner life with my world at large. Writing has become my favored canvas these days as I can really delve into what I wish to express. What a blessing!



Now for something very unusual:

A dear friend sent me a video, saying, “Matthew, this is who you would be if you had been born a woman.” How provacative is that? I am honored! Enjoy!


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