Confounded “Carbon Conundrum” Continue’s


(This is a letter to my local newspaper regarding a five-week series on the damages of fossil fuel burning. Our resort town of 2800 people in the north part of this valley is located 30 miles from the closest traffic light and 4 hours from a larger population center, also known as a “middle of nowhere paradise”.)

Yes, this “carbon conundrum” is here to stay. Thank you to the author and publishers of our paper for devoting so much time and space to this issue. We are blessed to have the many knowledgeable resource people quoted in this region doing great work on our behalf. Thank you all.

Now could be the time to address deeper, more difficult and potentially even more interesting questions—Why are we here? Why after billions of years in the creation of this universe are you and I here?

After answering these we could inquire—Why are we willing to accept the current status quo consensus reality of living the American Dream when it is detrimental to the health and wellbeing of most people? Why are we so easily brainwashed into thinking that one more new electronic device will bring happiness?

Really, this conundrum of climate change, peak oil, economic collapse, spiritual bankruptcy, these can all lead us to go further within and ask—What is the point of our lives? This fantastic confluence of events, billions of years in the making, all leading to this moment, you and I standing right here—What will we do with this time, this moment, now? Does this society, this culture, this way that we live our lives, and all that we take for granted, does any of it lead to extreme happiness, joy, generosity and compassion for all? Witnessing the levels of depression, addiction, apathy, and mania present, I would guess not, though it doesn’t have to be this way, we are capable of so much more.

Will building another house, another subdivision, another bar or restaurant lead to deep fulfillment in the long run? Will another tourist or visitor really fuel the blossoming of love in our community? Will continuing to believe in the stock markets rise and our retirement time, these relatively recent fictions of our imaginations, will they really lead to bliss?

When will we notice and pay attention that our world is changing rapidly? Adding to what one of last weeks writers said, it’s not the 20th century anymore, heck, it’s not last week anymore. There is a very high probability that the “way things have always been“, will not be a part of our future— including what we think of as the economy, our fantasies regarding capitalism, and what we think that we are entitled to. Seven plus billion humans will not live the way that we have been privileged too. The cost of this privilege has been disastrous for most of the worlds people. This “dream” needs to drastically shift. Our old structures and paradigms are crumbling, right before our eyes, as new ones are emerging— paradigms of connection, simplicity, fairness, oneness, the opening of collective hearts.

With the emergence of these, we can take responsibility for our carbon mess. Every single one of us can change every one of our behaviors. Mr. Horn says its doesn’t have to mean that we go back to the Dark Ages. There is nothing backward about not wasting resources. There is nothing backward about questioning why we think we need these insane wasteful levels of alleged comfort. There is nothing backward about providing one’s livelihood in ways that matter and that don’t destroy our land-base. We can gather together in larger numbers to inhabit these oversized homes. We can become comfortable with drastically lower indoor temperatures in drastically smaller dwellings. We can live much closer together, even Mr. Norton mentioned the 25 foot lot. We can end our “affair” with private polluting automobiles. We can alter our diets, thereby becoming healthier by producing and eating locally grown foods in season. We can relearn how to successfully store foods to eat in winter. We can create more community gatherings and celebrations of being alive. We as Americans have gone so far overboard in attempting to escape from each other, that we are now reaping the devastating effects that this has had upon our planet, and upon ourselves for not growing into our true capacities as human beings.

We are here right now, in one of the most exciting, challenging and potentially transformative times ever. Clinging to the past of the “Dream” will not be the road forward. Clinging to our hope that more and more will come, in an era of dwindling resources and the devastating effects from the use of them, verges on the delusional. What do we really need? And what can we do right now, with who is here to create our new world?

Lets gather and develop a wholly new vision for our planet with a wholly new vision of why we exist as human beings. If this group vision is to manifest as a sanctuary of inspired, soulful, responsible citizens creating a “sustainable destination”, we will have to drastically alter our behavior regarding everything, absolutely everything. The same altering of behavior and attitudes will need to occur regardless of community vision. We can do better, we are capable. Humans are evolving everywhere, shifts in consciousness are possible. Continuing this human experiment will demand it and we will have a greater possibility to co-create a world truly worth living in for everyone.



3 Responses to “Confounded “Carbon Conundrum” Continue’s”

  1. Bruce Roberto Margarido Says:

    ………….dear friend Matty. help me understand how one motivates a ‘herd’ who seemingly only wants to ‘eat the grass’ in front of them and shake there heads in priveldge as to there paradisical good fortune.

    though i magine myself to be deeply orientated to deep values of respect, reverence, compassion love and such (we might intiate a process in order to embrace an unassumed and shared clarity around such words) i for one feel the empty and spirit erroding quality of being ‘nice’. it is my sense that we empower ourselves through the practice of authentic self, hence, contribute to the essential nourishment of our environment-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. practice of authentic self???perhaps merely by embracing the sister/ brother qualities of Humility and Courage that is humbling ourselves in the face of who we think we are and courageously stepping into that which we are becoming that this may be made so. i feel it is this energetic motion between these qualities which will guide us from the illusions of a false securitiy, a false abundance and the false sense of community of which we have allowed ourselves to be lulled into. i would suggest it is the believe in the authenticity of that which we are and not the temporal ‘free-pass’ of nice which will lead us from our present state of psycho-spiritual obesity (if you will). i for one invite you (generic)-no!, implore you, if and when our paths should cross to greet me with the authenticity of that which you are and not the temporal and imagined convienent ‘free pass’ which the practice of nice extorts.

    with warmth and care, brother brucie

    • Humility and Courage–certainly these qualities are thoroughly necessary Bruce as we as a culture change. Some ask–“Are we Changing? Do we need to change? And then state, I am afraid to change.” While others embrace a dose of reality and look and see that the sea’s of change are upon us and choose to learn new navigational skills. It will take humility and courage and a host of other qualities as well to be with the flow.

      I am not certain how you are using the word “nice”. Perhaps you could flesh this out a bit?! I can see many possible avenue’s and perspectives.

      “Nice” is a quality that I’ve been allowing to come forth and I believe that there are many positive elements to this. Can I be both respectful and authentic, even if the authenticity in the moment might feel harsh? Balancing many opposing forces within us during our encounters and diologues is up to us. More “nice” might even be warranted. So I’m not sure that “nice” is the problem, but possibly inauthentic motivations and actions disguised as being nice.

      Lots to ponder.

  2. Bruce Roberto Margarido Says:

    ‘Lets gather and develop a wholly new vision….’ ,we will have to drastically alter our behavior regarding everything, absolutely everything’.
    …………i have always had this odd behavior of showing up for the party early. i may not be pretty but i am here. bb

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