Why Are We Here?

The ramifications of climate change and concern about the “economy” can lead us toward questioning whether our livelihoods are in any way healthy, conscientious, necessary or ethical. On top of this, most of us of working age have lived our entire lives under the cloud of potential nuclear annihilation. That we in this country perpetrated and began this calamity often goes unrecognized or else is rationalized, while we engage in fears of all stripes regarding those “others”.

Do you ever question why we are here, alive right now, and wonder what our collective purpose is? Can it really be just to keep ourselves consuming and breathing, and going about the daily business of entitled survival in our hermetically sealed dwellings? Our consensus reality way of life is indeed negotiable. It is long past time to question every single element of it.

We can choose to perceive this particular time in history as being fraught with existential challenges stemming from our complete disconnect from our landbase and each other, and simultaneously perceive it as the most fruitful time in history. As old orders crumble or die off, tremendous evolutionary impulses are emerging all around us to birth a truly compassionate humanity. We can choose to radically transform the old unconscious social order toward one that experiences the vast interconnectedness of everything. This is our opportunity to get at the heart of our true purpose–to love and take care of everyone, everything and experience the divine everywhere. Will we take it?

(This was originally published as a letter to the editor with a 250 word limit.)


2 Responses to “Why Are We Here?”

  1. Hi Matthew:
    Thanks so much for including me in your new blog… you are brave and inspiring, even though we live hundreds of miles apart physically and even though we haven’t seen each other in years… we have a deep connection that is at the root of what makes us human. I continue to be a glass half full guy and believe the deeper connections of what make us human give us trans formative power. Looking forward to re-connecting.
    Peace, Jim

    • Good morning Jim!
      I am so pleased to have found your words this morning! For some unknown reason they had gone to spam, but since you are so right—our conection is strong through the time and distances, they were discovered, a blessing for all of us. I look forward Jim to hearing of your joys, truths, heart’s longings and wisdom, so please join with us when moved to do so!
      Until then, sweetness galore,

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