Letter to the President


Mr. President,

In balancing and recognizing the complexities of what you inherited as you came into office, with my feelings of gratitude for you, and probably more succinctly, the symbol of what you represent, I have given you the benefit of the doubt often.

But sir, I am less certain that your visions as stated in “Winning the Future” from 22 January 2011 are the right ones for these times. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see anyone else’s political visions as being up to the task at hand either, at least in this country.

To speak of “winning”, or “out-building, out-innovating, out-educating”, these terms are from an era, or a paradigm that no longer exists. These terms might appeal to segments of our populace that still think the American Dream and American dominance are valid and ethical points of view. But they are merely entitlements of an ideology that has been putting the whole world at great risk. And they are by no means ethical or fair. I find these terms and the energy behind them when uttered by those in power to be exactly what is wrong with so-called leadership today.

Leadership entails and implies, a vocalization of a new way, a new path, a sane, moral, balanced and visionary idea for the future, and showing citizens what people really are for. We are not here to gobble up the worlds resources. Our interests can no longer be attained at the expense of the worlds people who are not from this nation.

Mr. President I am deeply saddened to hear you advocating essentially for the status quo. I am certain that you must be aware of the breakdown of all old structures. With this we have such an opportunity as humans to create a whole new way of living, gathering, sharing and communing. Please sir, why aren’t you taking us further? You are so much more than the president of the United States. You are a leader amongst world leaders. Please lead. Do not keep recreating the same old story.

Yes, we must all work together. But we must do so very much more. We must see ourselves as part of the whole human family, regardless of religion, nation, gender, profession, or whatever label divides us. You sir are the embodiment of this melding of culture. You must see the great power that this allows you to help heal all of the atrocities made manifest in continuing to pursue an American Dream. It certainly is a dream all right, in fact it is a nightmare for the majority of the worlds people. We can not continue to, in a best case scenario buy, at worst, steal or go to war for, another nations resources.

Sir, real leadership is so very much needed during these critical junctures. Please go further within to give voice and power to a thoroughly new way of being. Our planet is filled with such visionaries that can be of assistance-they are teaching, and educating and sharing literally everywhere. We are writing and communicating with people from nations all over the world. These voices are needed in government, not more bankers. And the new story of what is emerging in science and spirituality needs to be heard, needs to be shared with the citizenry. Not more “we can out-compete” rhetoric. And we the people are out-growing government. Please get on board with us. The platform of POTUS is potentially so potent. We would like so very much more from you. And we are ready.


5 Responses to “Letter to the President”

  1. Peter Baldwin Says:

    You speak the truth well and passionately. Of course, that is not new, but you are even better now.

    Go Matthew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I thought the very same thought when I read how Obama is giving voice to the old model of advocating for American dominance. This is not the way forward, this is the way that got us into this mess to begin with. America as Empire…yuck. If our beloved (and I do so love him) President would allow himself to really lead from the paradigm of shared partnership with all, he might be able to do that bipartisan thing he wants so much. But it’s not just across our aisles that we need to shake hands, its across the whole planet.

  3. Bruce Roberto Margarido Says:

    as to Annie Murrell’s ‘reaching across our aisles’. ……….is it possible that who we individually imagine ourselves to be is capable of reaching across the ‘comfort zone’ aisle to that who we do not imagine ourselves to be.
    and, if this be so, perhaps through this act and process we will begin to bring ourselves to that place of complacency saturation the world is witnessing through our kin in Cairo. i suggest that Tahrir Square is both literally and symbolically pregnant with socio-political, hence, spiritual evolution. Tahrir Square potentially occupies the public spaces of all our communities; however, it is not of these spaces of which i speak. i suggest it is the Tahrir Square which sits at the centre of are individual ‘comfort zones’ which is acutely pregnant with socio-political, hence, spiritual evolution. not unlike those who in this very moment occuppy Cairo’s Tahrir Square perhaps we have reach the brim of complacency saturarion and are ready to step into that ‘thin place’ where who we imagine ourselves to be meets the optimuim creaative tension realized when met by who we do not imagine ourselves to be. i dream into this place a voice crying out ……………….’there is nothing of true value left to lose’ and stepping across the treshold of our ‘comfort zones’ into the streets of our personal fears, insecurities and confusions. it is my sense that it is here that we will come togeather in a deep and lasting movement of life expression liberation.

  4. Thank you Peter! And Annie and Bruce—Amen! Yes!

    I love a voice crying out—“there is nothing of true value left to lose”!
    Is that because everything of value has already been lost?
    Did we ever have it?
    Would we even recognize something of value if it was right before us?
    Or could it be because we’ve already deeply integrated everything of value, and once so integrated, and a part of our true being, can not be lost again??

    I would love to hear what anyone believes or knows about “true value”.

    Regarding “comfort zones”—The single family home within an American Dream is a threshold of zonal comfort that has wreaked havoc everwhere— from how we have set up these new soulless towns, to how we have isolated from one another, to how many remain encapsulated within resource wasting metal boxes on wheels in order to go back and forth—to where really? Here is a comfort zone that we must wean ourselves from. Can we imagine and create other ways of living with each other?

    Once something of true value has been lost, can it be reclaimed?

    Matthew Scala

  5. `Bruce Roberto Margarido Says:

    ……………’if you wana sing the blues ya gotta pay the dues’.

    dear persons of other worlds, i would like to represent the voice which invites us to step into our personal ‘darknesses’ and in this doing realize that we are the light we seek; hence, illuminating all that which we sense yet can not ‘see’.

    ………as to that which possibly could hold true and everlasting value. consider, if you will, that sacred process of our own becoming, the unfolding of the unique expression of nature each of us is endowed with.
    i challenge all to consider the deep truth of this statement ………..not merely as some wordy philosphical prose but as fact. not to be manifested when time and convenience and sense of safety is nicely cropped in place but as profoundly as drawing each and every life creating breath. perhaps in truth we are not a species of commerce but a species of holy beings each cosmically mandated to fascilitate with deep integrity that which each of us by NATURE uniquely is.

    and, matty and all, my ‘left brain’ is whispering to its counterpart in response wether anything of true value can be lost and by extension reclaimed………….’there is no waste in the universe (that which is all there is, that which can be no more) there are only opportunities which go unrecognized’.“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““

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