What Great Words

The first in a series of posts to come regarding these particular words, no doubt……


Our Deeper Truths—Cultivating the Inner Landscapes of Expanding Consciousness. Oh my—what a collection of words and concepts! Singly, I love and resonate with each of these words. Taken collectively, what gumption to put them together as a family in my blog’s header. What do I mean by these? Entire books could be authored attempting to speak to this—here, I will barely scratch the surface, but why not give it a go?!

For this taurian sun, cultivating is incredibly delectable and near to my heart. It brings to mind feelings of nurturing, gentility, awe, and wonder—all attributes that have been much easier for me to experience within the realm of plants and gardens than in relationship with our human brethren, but, change and maturity are continuing, thankfully. The same is true for me regarding landscapes—whether witnessing and experiencing the splendor and subtleties within prairie grasses or upon majestic peaks and toward vista’s, everywhere, the natural world is filled with magnificence. And then—to work within a landscape, co-creating sacred spaces, well, what could be better?

Now “inner landscapes“—there’s a whole new world, ripe for inquiry. What resides within? What is true in there and what is blatantly and unquestioningly fabricated? So much food for thought or no-thought that quite frankly a lifetime could be spent looking into the mysteries of our interior selves. And what better moment to continue that journey than right now in this one.

And isn’t it astounding the degree to which our very own consciousness is capable of expanding? If I think back to various points in my life and the kinds of things that were in the forefront of my awareness, it really has been quite a ride. I am not the person that I was. I’m sure that so many of us could say the same thing—we are changing, we are becoming more aware, we are opening, we are letting go of fear. And as we do so, we create space and energy for others to do the same. On and on so many notions are transforming, and there is so much room for more. Where will we wind up?

What will it take for more and more of us to open to the sparks of insight, creativity and connection that just might propel us into a more harmonious and responsible way of being?

Here on this blog I gleefully look forward to what we can create together! What does cultivating the inner landscape of your expanding consciousness look like? What are your deeper truths?



5 Responses to “What Great Words”

  1. I always knew you were a true poet Matthew. These big questions about our real selves are only made more available with more light blazing the trail toward an answer, when we ask the questions in the company of other “inquirers”. Seems to be something I am missing right now in my life…a circle of inquiry with kindred spirits. Maya Christobel


    • Maya,
      “A circle of inquiry with kindred spirits”—I love the way you’ve stated this……..The desire for this circle was a big part of the post “Belonging—Be Longing?”. I certainly resonate with this desire and truly can’t wait for its manifestation. I’m finding it in some cyber dialogues, and really want to see it come to a wondrous fruition in person, right here.
      Thanks for tuning in!

  2. julie skye Says:

    hello dear matthew and maya…i think anyone who knows there is more out there, in here, up there and around is longing for real connection. being able to sit with ourselves has to happen before we can even hope to sit with another. and like those moving walkways in airports…to connect like we want, we have to step off the racing walkway that life in society today is. i’d love to be a part of a circle with both of you, here in tulsa and in cb…where we find this sort of connection. julie skye

  3. Matthew, Well your chiseled voice that should cut to the core of my denial, my ambivalence, my apathy has done just that. Thank you for the painful reminder that we are all offending the beauty and balance of our planet and contributing to the unraveling of relationships when we hold others responsible and not ourselves.

    Maya Christobel http://www.theheartspaceblog.com

  4. bruce roberto margarido Says:

    …………..help me understand why i pain myself so in response to such a ‘nice’ exchange of words. perhaps next August we all might manage to vacation at Tahrir Square, talk about how we might change our lifes to the better and perhaps even invite some feed back from our Egyptian brethren as to the how of it all.

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